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Certificates of Service

Our personalized military certificates display the active duty service member's start date of service, rank, service branch, and name. This is a great idea for a gift, either to display on the wall to show their military service or to keep in the family album.

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Active Military Appreciation

HAND DESIGNED CUSTOM PERSONALIZED CERTIFICATES. High Quality Certificates printed on parchment paper and placed in a black ebony presentation folder with a gold inlayed border. Fast Free Shipping with Priority Mail through USPS. For Over the Phone Orders Call Carolyn at 928.295.5746. If after 10pm Arizona Mountain Time, please text instead. After you order, you will receive a phone call. We call to get specific details regarding your custom made certificate order. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at:


Retirement Certificates

Our personalized retirement certificates display the service member's dates of service, rank, service branch and name. This is a great idea for a gift, or to present at the retirement party. These certificates are able to be displayed on the wall with our elegant plaques. They show their military service to colleagues, friends, and family or can be kept in the family album. Every certificate comes with their own presentation folder.

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Wounded Warriors

Our personalized wounded warrior appreciation certificates are a great way to give honor to whom honor is due. Their great sacrifice has allowed us to be safe from foreign enemies and has secured our freedom and sovereignty as a nation. These certificates are a great way to thank them.

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Chaplain Appreciation

Chaplains carry many burdens on their shoulders of those who are facing hardships, loss, family problems and the death of friends. They listen, they encourage, they pray, they comfort, and they counsel. This certificate will show them how much they are appreciated for what they do.

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Military Memorials

Our fallen heroes have made the ultimate sacrifice, to give their life in hope that it would secure peace and freedom for all. These soldiers died for what they believed was right and honorable and we now have memorial certificates that can be customized to give to their family in a presentation folder or placed in a plaque to be put on the wall as a reminder of the great sacrifice they made.

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