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Military & Appreciation Certificates

Baby Girl Message 2-C7

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Baby Memorial Certificates:
In the United States, we have record high numbers of baby deaths through miscarriages, stillbirth, vaccination side-effects, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and so many other complications. There seems to be very little comfort to the parents who have endured this great tragedy and feel an emptiness inside from the loss of their child.

These Memorial Certificates can be placed on the wall in an elegant plaque in memory of their beloved child. These unique, elegant, and uplifting certificates are sure to warm hearts and give God's comfort to the family, while also be a visible memorial in honor of their baby. I only created these certificates in male and female, but if the baby's sex is unknown, I can edit the certificate for you.
High Quality Certificate Paper:
Printed on acid free, 60 lb Textured Astroparche
Document Paper with a Vellum Finish
Certificate Size is 8 1/2” x  11” and Ready for Framing
Presentation Folder:
This certificate will be placed inside a classy and sturdy certificate holder, perfect for presentation, which opens up to the certificate displayed inside and set in a Presentation Folder, Black Ebony with a linen finish and a Gold Inlayed Border on the front.
Affordable Prices for Memorial Certificates
Great Value at ONLY $29.99
Proofing Process:
Each certificate is personalized for you and individually designed. We are the ONLY business with these uniquely designed certificates, because we create all these designs ourselves. As your certificate design is developed it will go through a "proofing" process. You will be able to view the image of your certificate via your e-mail. When you say it is perfect, then it will go to print. 

Possible Customizations:
Add Your Baby's Portrait to the Certificate (Additional $15.00)
Put Your Name Instead of Presenter's Name (FREE)

Tweak the Message to Further Personalize (FREE)
Add More Signature Lines or Other Customizations (FREE)

Add Your Own Message Instead (Additional $10.00)
Add a Copy of Your Signature (Additional $10.00 Per Signature)
We ship out our certificates throughout the United States with USPS Priority Mail. It takes between 3 to 5 days to arrive. The shipping cost will be added to your order price.
A Wallet Size Laminated Certificate $9.99
Your full-size certificate must be designed first.

Elegant Gold Accented Plaques $69.00 Plaques are 10.5" x 13" in size. They have an Elegant Cherry Finish with a Gold Accented Grooved, Beveled Border. Your Certificate is placed under an acrylic cover and attached with 4 brass plated cone-head nails. An additional copy of your certificate comes with a plaque for free.