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CJM Certificates

U.S. Military Retirement Ceremony Wife Appreciation

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Certificates are 11"x 8.5" in Size. Certificates Come with a High Gloss Lamination. These are High Quality Cardstock 110Lb. Certificates. Ready to Present.

Every Order Comes with 2 Certificates. 1 Certificate with the High Gloss Shine & Lamination. 1 Certificate with No Lamination to Be Placed in a Plaque or Framed.

$8 Per Certificate for Extra Laminated Certificates

$3 Per Certificate for Extra Specialty Printed 110LB Cardstock Certificates

Personalize Your U.S. Military Retirement Certificate of Appreciation
These high quality certificates are great to give to family during your military retirement ceremony or in memory of your military retirement. This certificate can be given to honor and appreciate family members that stood by your side throughout your years of military service.

After we receive your order, we will contact you by phone or email to get more information about your order. Within 24 hours, we will email you your certificate order proofs. Once approved, we will print, package, and ship your order to your address.

If you need a specific number of certificates for your event that isn’t offered on this website, Please Call Carolyn at (928) 295-5746 or send us an email at We can further customize your order. We are honored to serve you.

Affordable Prices for This Retirement Ceremony Wife Appreciation Certificate. This Appreciation Certificate is ONLY $29.00. All certificates are shipped through FEDEX throughout the United States with 2-3 Day Delivery. NO shipping fees or taxes added at checkout. Shipping fees and taxes are taken out of the initial purchase. 

If you want a package deal or want to order over the phone, Call Carolyn at (928) 295-5746 or send us an email at We can further customize your order. 

Our Highest Priority is Serving You to the Best of Our Ability

Individual Certificate: Great Value at ONLY $29.00


After you purchase this certificate, you will receive your order confirmation from CJM Certificates in your email. We need your information to design your certificates for you. We will call or email you for more information. You can email your certificate information to us at When we are done designing your certificates, we will email you proofs in JPG form. Once they are approved. Your certificates will go to print, packaging, and shipping through FEDEX overnight for FAST 2-3 DAY SHIPPING.

These Certificates are Unofficial Documents and Have Been Designed to Commemorate Your Military Service. These Documents are Not Approved by the U.S. Government for Any Official Use. These Certificates are Copyrighted Designs. Anyone Stealing These Designs to Resale Will Be Sued.