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CJM Certificates

Printable Individual Customized Certificates in PDFs

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Printable Individual Customized Certificates in PDFs

Our Military and Appreciation Designed Certificates are perfect for use by military bases, families, organizations, churches, nursing homes, and veterans. These are unique hand-designed certificates in Adobe Photoshop that have gone through 20 years’ worth of changes to perfect. Our CJM Certificate business in Arizona was started by a Merchant Marine veteran named Cory J. Matthews. He made it his mission to give all military men and women the opportunity to receive honor and recognition for their great sacrifices by hiring the best graphic artist he could find to design these professional military certificates, which also making them available to be purchased throughout the United States.

By ordering this customized certificate package, you are requesting that we design your certificates to your specifications, place the names on the certificates, download the certificates in PDF Files, attach them to your email or a USB drive for easy access, so you can print them.

You can use any of our downloadable certificate designs for your customized certificates and we will personalize them with the information you want on them.

Here is a list of some things you could get customized on your certificates:

Edit the Message or Write Your Own.

Add the presentation date

Add a moto, title, infantry, battle name, organization name, etc.

Add your organization/business logo

Add organization/business address

Add signatures and names and titles of anyone signing the certificates

Change the Salutation

Have The Signatures Added to the Certificates

* The sample watermark image will not be present on your downloaded certificates

Here is a list of the different kinds of certificates we have available:

Retirement Ceremony Appreciation Certificates

-Husband Appreciation Certificate

-Wife Appreciation Certificate

-Son Appreciation Certificate

-Daughter Appreciation Certificate

-Any Family Member/Friend Appreciation Certificates for Military Ceremony

Military Certificates of Service with Medals

Military Veteran Appreciation Certificates

Active Military Appreciation Certificates

Active Military Certificates of Service

Military Family Appreciation Certificates

-Father Appreciation

-Mother Appreciation

-Wife Appreciation

-Husband Appreciation

-Daughter Appreciation

-Son Appreciation

-Any Family Member/Friend Appreciation

All Branches Veteran Appreciation Certificates

All Branches Soldier Appreciation Certificates

All Branches Church-Based Veteran Appreciation Certificates

All Branches Church-Based Veteran Appreciation Certificates

Veteran Memorial Certificates

Wounded Warrior Certificates

Fallen Hero (Active Military) Memorial Certificates

Chaplain Appreciation Certificates

More Certificate Designs Coming Soon...

The finished personalized certificates will be saved in PDF files and attached to your email for quick and easy prints. These certificates can be printed at home, at an office, at a print shop, or local store. We prefer to use light blue or light beige 110LB cardstock paper for our high quality designed certificates.

These certificate designs are copyrighted.

They are only meant for personal use not for resale.

We do keep our customers customized certificates designs saved, so they can reorder certificates anytime while reusing their previous designs. We save your designed certificates in your name or organizations name, so you can have us access it for you as often as you want. 

 To give us information to customize your certificate package to your specifications, you can Call/Text Carolyn at (928) 295-5746 or email us at 

We work closely with you until you are completely satisfied with the customized certificate design. The customized certificate design is $20.00 and you can purchase as many certificates as you want for that customized design. We will have the names scripted on the certificates for you and email you all the certificate files, so you can print them out or send them to a professional printing shop.


• 8.5" x 11" - Certificate Size
• 210 x 297 mm


(1.) Order the amount of certificates you want in your package. Your certificates will .70 cents each. For example 20 Certificates would be $14. No shipping fees or taxes will be added to your order.

(2.) If we don't receive an email at or a call from you, then we will take the liberty to calling you and emailing you to find out how you want your certificates customized and request the list of scripted names. 

(3.) You will receive a payment request for the $20 customization fee. Once paid, we will work on designing your certificates. It is 24-48 hour process. 

(4.) We will email you the customized certificate design for approval. If it needs further changes, we will make all the changes needed, until you are completely satisfied with the design.

(5.) We will put all the scripted names on the certificates and download all the certificates in PDF files.

(6.) We will attach the certificate files to your email. You will be able to download all of them, open them, and print them from anywhere. 


• Home printer - I recommend using cardstock paper which you can purchase from a variety of sources (Amazon, Staples, Office Max /Office Depot, or other craft stores) I prefer to use natural beige or light blue 80lb-110lb cardstock paper for these certificates.

• Local copy store - for example FedEx, Staples, Office Depot etc
• Photo center - for example Walgreens, CVS etc
• Local professional printer or online professional printing service


• Make sure your print settings are set to print at actual size or 100% or fit to page


Every digital and instant download purchase is non-refundable, as there is no way for us to tell whether you have printed the design. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Please remember that colors may vary slightly when printed, due to monitor calibration settings, printout settings and color of paper used.

These are High Quality hand-designed certificates which makes the prints really stand out and look sharp.


(1.) You can print as many copies as you want of each personalized downloaded certificate file. So if you make a mistake with the paper, the ink color, or the printer settings; you can correct the issue and print again. 

(7.) Your designed customized certificate will be saved in our backed up files, so you can request to use the same design year after year or have us make small changes to the design every year. You only pay once for a customized design but can order certificates made as often as you want.

(3.) If you want more than one customized certificate design. You would order them separately. For example if you want 10 Army Certificates of Service and 12 Army Veteran Appreciation Certificates. That would be two separate orders. Every customized design is unique, so there would still be a $20 fee for each customized certificate design. 

© Copyright of CJMCertificates

Thank you for supporting our small business that honors veterans and their families!