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We have been receiving hundreds of reviews over the past sixteen years in emails, so we are posting some of them here for you to view. If you would like to post a review of your own, please comment below. Thank you!!

"I am very pleased with the quality of work and the wonderful experience of ordering my products from start to finish. I will highly recommend this business to all my friends. First class all the way!!!!"

Shelia Talburt
Boynton Beach, FL

"When I wanted to honor and thank our Vietnam Veterans as part of our 50th Class Reunion I was lucky to find CJM Certificates. After working with Kathleen our class presented these beautiful certificates to our Vets for the highlight of the evening."

Janet Maris
Auburn, California

"I ordered certificates for the Veterans in my church. Today is the day and it should be GREAT. We have a 2 star retired general coming from South Carolina to make the presentation. Thank you so much for your help they look great all signed and ready to go."

Eva Harrell
Mena, Arkansas

"Your professionalism and attention to details in commendable. I called in a rush and wanted to accomplish my goal quickly. You were patient and allowed me to work on my order quickly. I guess I can no longer say the customer service is no longer a part of the business world. Thank you for proving me wrong. Please pass this note to your supervisor if applicable and co-workers. I say if applicable to your supervisor because the level of attention and service you gave to me with my small order is that of which owners of companies offer. If you are the owner of this company you are a perfect example to you staff."

Thank you, Sidney Jones AD


Eva Harrell
Freewill Baptist Church

"UNBELIEVABLE! OUTSTANDING! Just a couple words to express my thoughts regarding your work! My friend was correct! You truly are the best!! Thank you for your professionalism and your patience! It paid off! ...I received everything today and it looks great! Thought I would share this e-mail with you and your friends! Pass it on if you like."

Baron Charles Spaulding
Colonel, U.S. Army Retired

"Certificate order arrived today. Better than expected; thank you for your assistance and unique work. I'll be back for more."

Jay Solis

"I've received My Certificate today and am very pleased with your work. This certificate is so outstanding that all my neighbors came over and were very delighted, as it was well-crafted and well colored with outstanding craftsmanship. The super-imposed picture of my ship looks great! The very nice lady you have working and running the business is the best! Kathleen is the very back bone of the business and does a very respectful professional job. She is very kind and considerate of all those who call CJM. I have had them do lots of work for me through the years and must say that she's always on the ball "Full speed ahead." Bravo-Zulu! Job well done! I hang my Certificate on the wall with great honor and pride, with the utmost respect, not only from myself but from all that visit my home, who are delighted and love them very much. I have had very positive comments and when posting them on Vet Friends and Facebook everyone on always gives positive feedback; 100% of the time. I'm very satisfied as well as very happy. I love your certificates and the people that run the CJM Company do a supportive job."

QM1 Robert G. Haller
US Merchant Marine Cold War Veteran
1974-1991 Retired

"I wanted to let you know that the certificate that you created was much appreciated by Walter Kimball and his family on his birthday on June 26th.

Walter’s family members have since told us a number of times how much having the certificate (and the copies) means to them and to Walter. Tom and I want to let you know how wonderful it was to have your contribution as part of the celebration of Walter’s birthday. Thank you, again, for helping to make Walter’s day so special."

Martha (Hutzelman) Johnson and Tom Johnson

"Whooo Hoooo!... Thank you so very much for EVERYTHING! You were fantastically patient with me and it was / is greatly appreciated."

Monique Silva
Broken Arrow Elks – 2673

"Just wanted to tell you that I got the plague and it looks great; the wife even got chills when she saw and read it, again great job and thank you again...a great product and a wonderful finish, something really to show and be very proud of, as my wife say's, your Navy history from start to finish."

Rique Maldonado
US Navy Viet Nam Veteran

"Kathleen I just got the certificate in the mail, and I have to tell you, I was super impressed. You need to put a real picture of the frame so people can see it on the website, this frame is far more elegant that what I imagined. Again that you for a job well done."

Alan Mercado

"I know that I've kept you very busy the last couple of weeks!!! Absolutely beautiful and very classy indeed!!!!!...I'm sure you get deep satisfaction knowing that you are deeply touching lives.

Just a quick note to let you know the certificates arrived this afternoon -- right on schedule!! Everything is absolutely beautiful. I love the presentation folders.”

Much More Gratitude
Sara Welliver

"Kathleen was great. Super recommendations and a ton of patience. Gr8 people skills and showed the customer comes 1st!”

David Jaykins, Sr.

"Customer Service was out the roof. Will continue to use this company for future purchases!!!! The response time was amazing. This is one company where people are important. Keep it up and you will go far."

Priscilla Reynolds
Faith Chapel Christian Center

"Audrey and I wanted to let you know just how great it was working with you on this project and thank you once again. We love your work! I never mentioned it, but I’m a thirty year veteran of the US Marine Corps (active & reserve) and a retired Los Angeles and Kauai Police Officer. Over the years I have created a lot of shadow boxes with and for friends and family of Marines and Police Officers I’ve served with, including my own. However, I’ve always found them to be costly and cumbersome, needing a large amount of space to display or hang them; but the certificates you design and make are so much better. I like the fact that they are easily personalized, bright and well appointed and can be displayed in so many different ways, even in an album with the individuals other certificates and photographs."

Ron Venneman

"WOW!! what a job you did...I cannot believe the job your company has done on these it is beyond my expectations and thank you all for doing this for us... I'm amazed at the quality and workmanship of these with the covers. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job for the 24th trans co alumni and we plan to use your services every year for our Reunion."

Ronald Dunlap/24th Alumni.

"Wow Kathleen, You have done another wonderful job, just like I knew you could! I really love your "upgrade" and your version looks so much better than my copy and even my original (wherever it may be)??

Since it does look so good, I believe I want to have it printed and mounted on another wooden plaque just like the Certificate of Service you just did for me. You do a wonderful job with your graphic composition. I have a BA from the University of Kentucky in graphic design, prior to being drafted for VietNam, so I do know a little bit about what you do and I am very pleased with your work. Keep it up and I will be happy to recommend your services."

Stephen Wood

"The certificate is fantastic! It looks better than the ones the Marines gave to the spouses! Our daughter-in-law was deeply moved and honored as well... We are such a blessed family and know that God’s grace is at work in our lives – to Him be the glory!"

Pastor Brent M. Charles

"Thank you Kathleen once again for your beautiful professional work. We're going to have some very proud veterans."

Quani and Joe Fuentes

"The plaque arrived today and it's absolutely beautiful. I'll certainly recommend you to friends I know that want some of their awards mounted for display. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

Frank Bulen

"Kathleen, I like everything you have done, I could not have asked for anything better. I would like to have the certificate of appreciation that you sent me last with the bronze merchant marine emblems on it instead of the blue one.Thank you so much for everything!!!"

Alvin D. Moore

"Sample two is great!!!! Thank you for your awesome work."

Randy Duck

"Your work is excellent and I hope you will be able to maintain your business for a long time!"

Al Nelson
Consulting Engineer
Process Technology/Technical Service

"I received my certificate today, and it is awesome! Thanks so much for everything. Again, you do fantastic work!"

David Chinn

"That’s perfect! I will call with the info when I get the go from everyone. You have done absolutely outstanding work. Thank you. I will refer you to my shipmates!"

Juan Riofrio

"Yesterday my Father received his plaque you made for his submarine service. You all did a great job and it turned out perfect. Thank you."

Richard Vieira

"My son Nic Wilson purchased a certificate from you for my Christmas present Dec. 25, 2011....I am very impressed and thank you for assisting him in accomplishing his mission by keeping this a secret until Christmas morning. I was quite emotional, overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised as I just held it tightly thanking him. It is one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received. For any son to remember his father in such a way touched the very depth of my heart. Every time I look at it reminds me of how proud I am of Nic and how honored I am to serve our country."

William Glennie Wilson Sr. (Glenn) SSG Retired

"Dear Corky, Just a quick note to thank you and Kathleen. She has done a beautiful job...and I'm sure it will look gorgeous in my shadowbox.

Kathleen was a joy to work with and never showed any frustration she may have had with what I wanted. As I said, it was a beautiful job.

Should I need services like yours again, I will most definitely give you a call; and recommend your company to anyone needing such service. Wonderful work...Thank you sooooo much...My kids will love it."

Dr. Timothy A. Jeffers PhD
Criminal Justice

"The certificate and plaque came in this morning’s mail delivery. The certificate plaque is very impressive and its appearance is eye catching . It is a very first rate job! Thank you for your punctual service in completing the task. My father will “get a big kick” out of receiving this Army Veteran certificate this Sunday from his two former marine sons. It will be a surprise. Thanks again. All the best to you," 


"Dear Cory, It has been my pleasure speaking with you and sharing our histories. You are a gentleman and very friendly and sincere. I am glad that we are doing business together. You provide a special service to our veterans and their families. Your certificates and designer are of superb quality and demonstrate great care and concern for your customers. I will gladly act as a reference for you and am willing to share your company and service with other veterans that I have contact with here in Florida. I wish you all the best. May your days be filled with happiness, health and sunshine." 

Sincerely, Peter

"Cory, I got the shipment today and the quality of the work was EXCELLENT! My wife was blown away! Everything was EXCELLENT! Can’t wait to see the other certificates." 


"Well what can you say about a job well done, damn fine job Cory. This is the kind of thing that gets passed down, from one generation to the next long after were gone; its now a part of my legacy that I will leave behind some day. Well Cory I've made 119 copies of your flyer, and I have down loaded a list of all the locations of every American legion post in Michigan, I will include a small letter about how pleased I am, with my plaque and will start sending them tomorrow. Then will see, if it works my friend, if it does then maybe will speak about a all medal plaque. God Bless you, stay in touch, you have my number." 


"Cory that looks beautiful! I was shocked how good it looked! As I looked at it, I also was overcome for a moment, and a flood of old emotions and memories came back. It was like I saw a long lost War Buddy again! "It's perfect!" I can't wait to hang it on my Wall. Thanks" 


"Wow, you did a wonderful job. I am sure proud of it and everyone that sees it says how neat it is. You should be on TV. I know there are hundreds of veterans that would love to have something as wonderful as this certificate is." 


"WOW !! Am I ever impressed. Thank you so very much for that magnificent certificate. I can't take my eyes off it." 


"The certificate arrived today. Great job. It looks really nice. I have a beautiful frame for it and it will hang with others whose profiles I have. Most have done more than I could have dreamed of; one special friend flew 62 missions in a P-51-D with the 505th Fighter Sqdn, 339th Fighter Group. Once again, thanks for a great job." 


"I cannot believe how wonderful this certificate is. It is great, thanks so very much." 


"I received the All Medals certificate and it was as good as advertised and then some. I am very pleased with your excellent service and the quality of the product. I'll gladly recommend your service to others." 


"I received my certificate in great shape and was very pleased with it. You did a fantastic job. Keep up the good work. Very well done and an honor to display. My grand- daughter in Texas will love it. Thank you." 


"I received the Merchant Marine Certificate today. It is so very beautiful. I know my Dad will love it. The medals are very clear; we can see every detail. Thanks" 


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Thank you Kathleen and Carolyn for the great work you did on our military certificates. We are so proud to display them and look forward to a future project with your company, great customer service.

KC Schafer, USCG/ USAF vet

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