New Military Emblems

"This activity supports the U.S. military and its veterans; however, it is not officially connected to or endorsed by the U.S. Department of Defense or any of its branches."

CJM Certificates prioritizes showing honor and appreciation to all military, military families, and veterans through our professional hand-designed certificates, but we are not affiliated with the Department of Defense or any Military Service.
Our business has been serving military personnel, military bases, veteran organizations, hospices, veteran homes, churches, and communities with our professional services for over 20 years.
We love being able to use our gifts, skills, and talents to give joy and appreciation to others. We have great respect for our United States military and their service to our country and the world.
The Department of Defense has created new legislation regarding the use of military service marks, military seals, and military service emblems and has trademarked all the official emblems for the United States military. We are not going to use any of the official Department of Defense military emblems and insignia for our certificate designs.
We know we could not afford to pay all the fees that they would want for every individual military service for each certificate we design and sell. This business has been a labor of love. Our founder, Merchant Marine Cory J. Matthews and President Kathleen Redman, have kept this business going for over twenty years in spite of not being able to make a regular income from this business.
They continued tirelessly in their efforts, because of the positive impact our certificates have on our military and veterans.
I became the Managing Director for CJM Certificates three years ago and I have been handling all the customer service, the orders, the website, the advertising, the YouTube channel, the newsletters, the social media, the Etsy Store, and the certificate designs by myself for these past few years.
I want this business to continue to be a service to our military and their families for as long as I live. The President of CJM Certificates and I have decided that if this business is going to continue that we would need to design our own military emblems that give honor to our military but can also be used on all our certificates and marketing materials.
We have spent the last six months designing these fantastic new military emblems for each of the services and we have many more that aren’t displayed here. We have given our customers access to all of these emblems in the customer library in Corjl.
Anyone who purchases their customizable and downloadable certificate packages will have access to add any of these images to their certificate designs. And they will be able to add their own pictures, emblems, patches, insignia, memorabilia, and logos to their certificate templates as well.

Thank you for supporting our small veteran based appreciation business! It is an honor to serve you.


CJM Military Certificates
Managing Director
Carolyn Converti
(928) 295-5746