We Now Have a Pastor's Wife Appreciation Certificate

We knew the importance of giving appreciation certificates to chaplains, because they have had a huge impact on the men and women they mentor, they travel all over the world facing harsh living conditions, they go through intense military training, and face extreme challenges. These appreciation certificates are a great way to show appreciation.

While creating pastor appreciation certificates for churches across the country, we remembered how peaceful, patient, humble, and long suffering many pastors wives have been while working along side their husbands.

She isn't always seen or praised. She often works long hours in the background. She is given an over abundance of responsibilities and carries the burdens of church members, staff, and raising a family.

Her tasks can often seem tedious and repetitive. She represents Jesus Christ in the way she doesn't seek a lot of attention or honor, but does everything to please God. Creating this new certificate to give to the wives of pastors, we hope will give her the appreciation she deserves for all her hard-work, sacrifice, and diligence.


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