We Now Have a Baby Memorial Certificate

It is so exciting to design a new memorial certificate that can touch hearts and have a positive impact in other's lives.

The reason I wrote this certificate message was because I was inspired by my own experience. I had a miscarriage after the date the doctor said I didn't have to worry about having a miscarriage anymore. I was only 22 years old and almost to my third trimester. I remember how traumatic it was to lose my baby and bleed through the entire night until morning. The first thing the doctor said when she saw me was, "I will check to see if there is any more body parts left inside you."

I didn't know how to openly share this grief and pain with others, because they would say the wrong things or there was an uncomfortable silence. But as I prayed and asked God to care for my baby and name my child. I remember God telling me not to worry, that He was holding my baby in His hand. I know it was through the healing love, comfort, and prayers of the church and God's love that got me through this experience. 

Every year hundreds of thousands of babies die through miscarriage, still birth, infant death syndrome, and so many unexpected situations. I hope that whoever receives this baby memorial certificate will receive comfort, healing, encouragement, and hope. 

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